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Block Management working for you…

As a growing Block Management business we are very enthusiastic about expanding our links with both builders and developers. We want to work with you from the outset so that as your development approaches completion you have a fully budgeted management system in place to ease the sales process and are ready to ensure the smooth transition to full occupation.

Prior to occupation we will:

  • Create a comprehensive budget estimate and management proposal
  • Liaise directly with solicitors and supply information packs to potential buyers
  • Provide information to the selling agents to ensure their prospective purchasers have an accurate picture of the annual service charge and the services it provides

We will continue to manage the time consuming day to day running of the development, so your time is free to consider other investments. If preferred we can also help transfer the management responsibilities to the leaseholders.

If you would like free of charge quotation for your individual requirements, please contact us, we’d be delighted to hear from you.




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