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Noisy neighbours

…what can I do ?

Neighbour disputes when they arise can be some of the most acrimonious (and expensive). In relation to ‘Flat living’ noise can be a particularly sensitive issue due to close proximity of neighbouring properties: above, below and to the side.

Thankfully, most individuals are considerate of their neighbours and their right to quiet enjoyment of their property and a little planning and preparation before undertaking a course of action (for instance carrying out works, or even having a party or an event) can pay dividends in avoiding future difficulties. However a very small minority either do not realise that they are causing a problem or are deliberately anti social, when this happens it can be incredibly stressful.

These are the steps that you need to take:

Approach the neighbour; explain what and how the noise is effecting you and ask them to refrain from making so much noise.

Many individuals are unaware of their impact on other people’s lives of their actions. Simply not thinking of how their actions might affect others. Polite and firm is the best way to deal with this, but not everyone wants to take this approach.

Report noise nuisance incidents; call us, Bache & Hill Block Property Management Ltd on 0845 459 2334 between 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Bank Holidays). Rest assured we always protect the identity of the complainant.

Please note, however, that we have no more powers than any other citizen and if it is a major problem, the police may be your only option.

We will write to all residents citing the event / issue and to remind them of any covenants in the lease and tort such as Section 62 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, which lays down certain restrictions for the use of amplified sound or loudspeakers in the public domain. Loudspeakers are banned from 9 p.m. in the evening to 8 a.m. next morning.

We will also contact the resident directly, their letting agent or landlord to make them aware of the noise nuisance that they are causing.

Keep a log if it continues; every local authority has a “Noise Nuisance” officer or department.

You will need to keep a log of all incidents and actions. The time the noise nuisance started and when it ceased, along with the date. Make contact with the local authority to report it as soon as it starts. Next, make a complaint when you have a log of times and dates. The local authority will take over the process and will endeavor not to identify you (if that is practical) when dealing with the source of the noise. Please send Bache & Hill a copy of all correspondence via so we are alert to the situation.

For further information and support you can seek advice from the ARMA website.



Phone: 0845 459 2334

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