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Selling your property

…how do you deal with my sale ?

We understand that selling your property can be an incredibly stressful time; at Bache & Hill we have set procedures in place to ensure that, from our side, the sale of your property completes as efficiently as possible.

Once a sale has been agreed we will receive a set of questions from your Solicitors as raised by the Buyers Solicitors; these are known as Managing Agent Enquiries. Each set of Solicitors’ enquiries are unique and we answer all enquiries on an individual basis rather than providing a standard ‘sellers pack’ in order to ensure your sale proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Some examples of typical information requested from us include the following:

  • Up-to-date copy of Buildings Insurance Schedule and Policy Wording.
  • Last three years’ Statutory and Service Charge accounts
  • Copy of Service Charge Estimate for the current financial year relating to the Building
  • Tenant Statement of Account for the property
  • Details of any Reserve / Sinking Fund
  • Details of any planned major works (i.e. internal and external repairs and redecorations)
  • To whom the Notice of Transfer and / or Charge is to be served upon following completion and details of any registration fee payable
  • Whether the Buyer will be required to enter into a Deed of Covenant and if so, details of any registration fee payable
  • Whether the Seller holds a Share in any Management Company / Freehold Reversion and if so, how this is to be transferred to the Buyer upon completion
  • Latest Fire Risk Assessment for the Building and confirmation that the recommendations noted therein have been fully complied with
  • Asbestos Survey for the Building including details of any remedial works undertaken if the Building was found to contain Asbestos Containing Materials (“ACM’s”)

There is a standard charge for providing replies to enquiries, which is currently £150.00; upon receipt of cleared funds from either you directly, or via your Solicitors, we endeavour to provide full replies directly to your Solicitors within 48 hours. Should there be any follow up enquiries raised by the Buyers Solicitors arising from our initial replies to enquiries, we will endeavour to answer these in full within 48 hours and at no extra charge!



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