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Block Management working for you…

There are numerous acts of Parliament relating to the management of Leasehold properties and as there are many improvements in leasehold legislation still being canvassed it is imperative to keep current.

We do this in several ways; continuous professional development, subscription to and registration with relevant associations and by building a strong alliance with property management lawyers and health and safety specialists.

The consequences of not following the procedures set out in the numerous acts of Parliament can be extremely costly to any block. Any legal notices that need to be served follow specific and exacting time-frames.

With the back-up of dedicated specialists in debt recovery, property and litigation issues we can provide any of the services you require should the need arise to ensure your development runs efficiently and effectively.

Additional support services:

  • Arrears recovery
  • Lease Variation
  • Lease Extensions
  • Section 20 Consultation
  • Nuisance Actions
  • Forfeiture and Possession
  • The Right to Manage
  • Leasehold Enfranchisement


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